Controlling and Managing UAV Drone Traffic

There are quite a few reasons why UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles are not allowed to fly below a height of 400 feet within a five mile radius from the airports. This is because they can result in disasters if they happen to smash the windshield of a plane or get into the plane engine. However, there are a number of drone operators who do not follow the UAV drone traffic protocol resulting in an increased number of accidents over the years.



Air Traffic Management for Drones

If more and more commercial drones start taking to the skies then it is very important to use an air traffic control system for drones. The use of the air traffic control system is required for drones because of an increased use of commercial drones in the recent years. It is quite important to make an air traffic control system meant just for drones so that they do not cause any mishaps in the skies. A startup known as Airware is effectively working in collaboration with NASA on a certain project which explores the management of commercial drones appearing in the skies. This is a four-year old program which will create a range of prototype systems of air traffic management. This program could shape the use and the effectiveness of the commercial drones. The main aim of Airware is to sell control hardware and software to drone operators and manufacturers.

The Project Levels and the End-Results

The very first prototype system that is to be developed under the NASA project is a system which will be based on the internet. The drone operators will be required to file flight plans in order to get approval. This system will make use of its information to know more about weather forecasts, physical obstacles and other drones flying in and around. During the later stages of this project, emphasis will be laid on building more standardized and sophisticated systems for the active management of UAV drone traffic by way of sending commands to the drones already in flight. This will direct the drones to spread if there are crafts through multiple operators flying the same region. The system will also automatically send a message to the drone to returns to its initial region if it strays out of its initial region. If all these systems are brought into effective work then they will serve as a very reliable method of managing the traffic system of the drones.

Use of Cellphones in Managing UAV Drone Traffic

At present and even in the near future, it is being estimated that the cellular network will be effectively used in the management of UAV drone traffic. This is the same proposal that has been put forward by Airware. It is absolutely important to follow a specific system of controlling drone traffic because more and more drones being used commercially are resulting in increased chances of accidents. The cellular network which will be used in controlling drone traffic will not only detect the location of a particular drone but it will also provide the drones with certain messages so that collisions can be prevented on a large scale.

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