Fatshark Dominator HD Review

Fatshark dominator HD

Have you always had the desire of being able to fly? Or just wanted to know what it feels like being on your quadcopter? Now you can get very close to that feeling by using First Person View ([glossary]FPV[/glossary]) goggles, wirelessly connected to your quadcopter. This clever piece of kit allows you to see in real time what the camera of the quadcopter is seeing, giving you an immersive feeling of flying. You can control your quadcopter as if it were a video game. There are even races organised using these goggles. See this video;

Today we are reviewing the Fatshark Dominator HD model, which is one of the best available models on the market.

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What you need for an immersive feeling

A good pair of FPV goggles should be designed to give you a very realistic immersive feeling. To do this they need to provide large images with realistically saturated colors; they should also be fairly light to let you forget you are wearing them, and they should not get foggy.
The Fatshark Dominator HD goggles give you a very large image: 45 degrees view. The color quality is fantastic, one of the best features of this model and it’s even better than previous Fatshark models. These two features put together really do the magic; you’ll really feel like you are on your quadcopter, apart from the gravitational forces and the wind, of course.
The second best feature of these goggles is the DVR capability; with a 720×480 resolution at 30 fps you’ll find it difficult to live without it after you try it.
There is even an option for a head tracker. This will make the camera on the quad respond to the movements of your head, so the image changes as you rotate your head, making the experience even more immersive. They are compatible with  the DJI Phantom, and the Parrot Bebop, that we have previously reviewed

Not quite HD, but surely HP (high price)

Now, when reading about this model, I thought the goggles would be 1080p, but unfortunately they are not. The resolution is only 800×600, which is that of a good DVD movie. Whilst this resolution is higher than most of the competition, we find the name to be deceiving. The price, however, is very steep, at nearly $600! The FatShark Dominator V2, offers very similar features, but at 640×480, for 200 dollars less. If you can survive with slightly less sharp images, that might be a better option for you.

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Features and specifications

  • FOV (field of view): 45 degrees diagonal
  • Ergonomic molded headset with adjustable headband
  • Weight: 200g
  • HD: 800 X 600 SVGA
  • Modular Trinity Head Tracker
  • MicroSD support to 32Gb (DVR)
  • Optional [glossary]RF[/glossary] Module with 43 channel support on 6 bands

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If you are after the best pair of FPV goggles, you have found them. This is still a niche market, and novelties are highly priced. There are older models on the market, such as the Fatshark Dominator V2 which are cheaper and offer similar performance, albeit at a lower resolution. We expect that in the next few years more models will be available on the market, although it might be difficult to resist waiting after watching the video above!

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