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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you must be aware of the rising popularity of drones in the world. Whether it’s for aerial photography or helping out with military surveillance, UAV drones have proven their usefulness in almost every sector of life. UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. These can operate without a human onboard. Although the ones we are talking about require a human operator for operations, they are the closest to automated aerial vehicles a regular person can come to.

Drones have improved at an exponential rate over the last five years. Today’s drone generation boasts features modifications and functions that put their predecessors to shame. In this article, we bring forth some of the latest drones that has gotten the best ratings and reviews from users all over the world.

Syma X5C:

The first on our list is the Syma X5C Quadcopter. It comes equipped with a 2MP HD camera. The 6-axis Gyro stabilization helps to keep it stable during flight. It is wind resistant and suitable to be flown both indoor and outdoor. It can also perform flips at a button press with 360-degree eversion. This is an excellent choice for beginners, with 7-minute flight time and 100-minute charging time.

This isn’t the cream of the crop of flying drones, but at its price point it’s an excellent choice.

UDI 818A Discovery Drone:

This UAV is among the better flying drones in the market. It features a 2MP camera which is upgraded to a 720p camera in the HD+ version for high-quality aerial pictures and videos. The drone also comes with a 4GB MicroSD memory card. The 6-axis Gyro stability function makes for a stable flight. You can also do 360-degree tricks at the push of a button. The drone comes with an extra battery and power bank to extend the flight time.

Its lightweight design exempts it from FAA registration. The Headless Mode makes for easy controls for beginners. It makes the drone moves in the direction of the transmitter, regardless of the position of the drone. The Controller is a 4-channel, 2GHz transmitter with LCD screen. It also has a low-battery warning system incorporated in the transmitter.

The UDI 818A is a recommend for beginners who wish to learn about flying drones without breaking the bank.

Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3:

The Cheerwing quadcopter is another beginner-friendly flying drone featuring some interesting features at a budget price.  Apart from the usual 6-axis flight control system, the one-key roll is perfect for having some fun with the controls. The Headless function is an excellent feature for beginners learning to fly a drone. Another perk of this quadcopter is the availability of WiFi FPV feature. With the help of an Android or iOS device, you can operate the drone with the help of live video recorded by the drone. For that, you’ll have to install the Syma app on your phone.

However, the camera isn’t anything special. The operating range is about 50 meters. The drone can be charged within 90-120 minutes. The controls are quite responsive too.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional:

There’s a reason why DJI flying drones are considered to be the best in the business. Operating a Phantom 3 Professional UAV will tell you why. If you’re an experienced pilot who needs details-rich UHD video recording and smooth flights, then this is the obvious candidate. Aided by a completely stabilized 3-axis, 4k UHD video camera, you can capture stunning stills and videos. You can operate the drone in first-person perspective thanks to the Lightbridge FPV technology of the drone. Share 720p HD live videos digitally streamed from the drone itself through the DJI Pilot app. GPS navigation with automatic take-offs and landings, smart high-power flight battery, built-in no-fly zone database, and mobile app for Andriod or iOS devices are some of the staples features present in all DJI Phantom drones. This quadcopter also boasts a Vision Positioning feature that utilizes a range of optical and ultrasonic sensors to ensure a safe indoor flight without a GPS signal.

Experiencing the top-class performance of this powerful drone will cost you serious dollars. Nevertheless, as thousands of users all around the world will tell you, it’s worth every penny.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard:

It’s hard to think of a better mid-level UAV than the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It lives up to the reputation of DJI’s other more expensive models like the Professional or Advanced. The Phantom 3 Standard is excellent for beginners who want an affordable drone with a splendid camera and Intelligent Flight modes. Enjoy 2.7k videos at 30fps rate, along with a 25-minute flight duration. Its GPS-assisted flight system lets you concentrate on taking great pictures or videos without having to worry about keeping the drone stable. Furthermore, Intelligent Flying modes like Waypoint, Point of Interest, Follow Me, etc. can add interesting perspectives to your photos. The drone also features the 720p WiFi video live streaming capabilities which let you fly the drone by seeing what the drone sees. The controller is designed exclusively for the Standard in mind. The powerful DJI Go app can make your flying experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Holy Stone F181:

If you’re not quite willing to break the bank for a pro-grade quadcopter but don’t want to be stuck with something that will get boring after a few flights, the Holy Stone F181 is the way to go. Shoot 1280p X 720p videos or pictures with this beginner-friendly drone at 30fps. Avoid losing your precious UAV with the help of a single-key return function and Headless Security System. Extremely responsive controls, superb stability and a sturdy build helps you enjoy the perks of sports flying without worrying about the durability of the drone. For 80 minute of charge time, you can have a flight duration of 7-9 minutes at a control distance of 50-100 meters.

The Holy Stone is definitely one of the most fun quadcopters to have in your collection.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite:

The Parrot AR. Drone comes in three camouflaged styles. Equipped with a 720p HD camera and operated with the AR. FreeLight app directly from your phone or tablet, the 2.0 Elite is a joy to control. Capture stable, crisp images and videos from the pilot perspective. Stream live videos from the drone with its self-generated WiFi network. Use your phone or tablet as a steering panel to get the best out of this drone, even during your first flight. Go higher and faster by revving up the powerful motors and lock the drone in place with the altitude lock option. ENjjoy smooth, hassle-free operation even during light wind conditions. Record your flight directly on your phone or USB stick and replay what you have seen immediately without the hassle of involving cables or a laptop!

Whether you’re looking for a budget drone to begin your drone flying hobby or wishing to steal the spotlight with a powerful pro-grade drone, the ones listed above will give you several great candidates at various price points. If you wish to go beyond this list, make sure you do your research first. Happy flying!

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