Review of Phantom 2 Vision – A Cutting Edge Product

Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camera is basically a second generation of quad-rotor RC helicopter that is equipped with 14 megapixel wireless HD camera, which can create excellent still as well as motion shots. It has a large battery and improvised prop design that offers first person viewing experience at the right of the box. Having a large battery, it offers stunning as well as long lasting performance after full battery charge. The flying time would last for 25 minutes in normal cases. However, the company recommends flying it with 15 minutes interval for better performance, especially for battery charge durability.

Features of Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camera

The product is featured with top notch technology components. With its functionality and enhanced performance, it deserves to be called one of the best products in the marketplace. In terms of features, it has plenty of unique as well as common mini drone features in offering. Here are the features of this product at a glance:

•  Ready to Fly Design: The product boats of its ready to fly design. It needs basic assembly from the users to make it ready to fly. This assembling can be done by a layman with the help of a screw driver and wrench. Once assembled, it does not need to be dissembled after using.

•  High Quality Camera: Camera quality is something that has to be good with mini drones and this device is perfectly poised from that aspect. It offers a great camera of 14 megapixels. Be it still shots or motion pictures – the camera works neatly.

•  GPS Mode: The device features excellent GPS mode, which is powerful and quite high end indeed. The GPS altitude is also a great plus point for this product.

•  IOC or Intelligence Orientation Control: IOC or Intelligence Orientation Control is another aspect of this mini drone that has made this drone to be a wonderful device. Due to IOC, it can be handled with precision as well as with a lot of ease.

•  Assistance Software: The assistance software provides user guide and several other important information about the product. To know the product, it is important to go through the software guide. Software is easy to be installed and compatible with Mac OS, Windows based OS, etc.

•  LED Indicator: Intelligent LED indicators are there to let the users to know about the status of the device. The smart LED indicators let the users to understand whether the device is running short of battery or not.


Here are the product highlights or specifications at a glance:

•  14 MP camera

•  GPS based autopilot to assist safe home return

•  LED indicators

•  iOS and Android apps monitoring controls

•  25 minutes maximum flying time

•  Wi-Fi enabled

he best part of the device is its agile technology and sleek design. You will just love to have this device for its effective performance. It is easy to handle as well.

The major drawback of the product is its cost – it is a bit expensive.

Final Verdict
The product is good and certainly value for money product. It is costly, but it has all cutting edge features that will surely make to feel content.

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