Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter

There are very few quadcopter drone that you will be able to find which lives up to your expectations. Despite there being tons of versions and models being available on the market, not all of them have been found to be of the highest quality. Not only that, but some of them will even barely last you a month. Now if you are that passionate about drones, then it would be quite normal that you are looking for something more long-lasting. Not only that, but you would also like it to perform according to your needs and expectations.

If that is the case, then you can think about looking in to Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter. Considered to be one of the most highly- preferred quadcopter for people, this one will definitely not disappoint you. In addition, despite being priced towards the more expensive continuum, it tries to set itself apart from the rest. It tends to do this by providing more features and facilities which the rivals are not being able to provide with.

Design of the drone quadcopter

Since this is a drone that we are talking about, one of the first things that we would be looking at is the design or the build. Since it aims in creating a modular, superior, and integrated ground and aerial imaging device, you can clearly understand that this is a pretty broad statement. Even though a lot of people are not big fans of long statements, you cannot deny that this hits just the spot.

In addition, if anyone has ever used Phantom 2 Vision+, then you will be able to find quite a lot of similarities in it. In addition, it might even make you think that you are using almost the same thing but at a higher price. However, that is not the case here. This is because certain features have definitely be added to set it apart from the previous versions.


Being a drone, you would also be definitely be concerned about the battery life. This would be particularly useful if you are going on long photography expeditions. In that case, you will not be disappointed. This is because this quad drone has been equipped with one of the finest and long-lasting battery set that you will be able to find in these kinds of models. It supports long flight times. If you couple that with an additional battery, then you will be able to prolong the amount of fun that you are experiencing.


In terms of camera, this quadcopter is considered to be one of the best quadcopter for video. No matter how unstable your hand or the conditions might be, it will make sure that the picture is not coming out blurry.


  • At 1080p, it is possible to capture videos and images in slow motion
  • Integrated LCD with remote controls
  • Extremely quiet during the flights
  • 4K video capture


  • Lens can sometimes become blurry at the edge of the frames
  • Slightly larger than the other drones
  • The battery charger can become very hot.
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